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Travelkhana, one of the best online food ordering portals in India. Their service is a must if you wish to have a delightful food experience while traveling in the Indian railways and get the food of your choice at affordable prices. No compromise on the quality while being inexpensive makes Travelkhana a popular choice by many. The website has an excellent mobile app. Do try it out to avail the Travelkhana app offer. What's more!
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Travelkhana Today’s Best Deals

When you have to travel, not only is there ticket booking that you have to look into, but also packing, reaching the station on time, make sure the tickets are confirmed, and so much more, right? Apart from all this, if you also had to pack and carry your own food, or had to stop on the way to parcel food for train journey, wouldn’t it just add to the burden?

What Is Travel Khana?
To make things easier, Travel Khana is a food ordering app that will help you get your food delivered right to, in your train, at your allotted seat, at the right time!

Isn’t That Convenient? 
At affordable rates, well – cooked meals can be ordered online, and hygienic food will be delivered to you. Hasn’t travelling through Indian Railways become more fun?

So, while you stare outside the windows, from the moving train, you can also enjoy good food in train. 

Food Discounts On Train
There are also exclusive deals on food that you can make use of. These deals and coupons on food orders will lower the cost of food. You can also get Flat 30% off on food orders at Travelkhana. Apart from that, you can also get flat 20% off on online orders. 

Now isn’t this making your travel life much easy? And if you are a hippie by nature or a vagabond, who enjoys travel, this is the best food app once can ask for. Try it to see it yourself.