Dominos Wednesday Offer

Dominos Wednesday Offer

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Dominos is here with the best Wednesday offers ever. Use "WBZ100" to get flat Rs 100 OFF On Order of Rs 400 and above. They have spread out their love with lots of dominos wednesday deals. Buy one pizza and get 50% off on second pizza and this offer is valid on all weekdays.

More About Dominos Wednesday Offer
Pizzas from Dominos has made an entry into the list of comfort food across various towns and cities of the country. What’s comfort food, one might ask? Comfort food is such food that is either simple to prepare or has high carbohydrate content in it. And pizzas from Dominos are both. For, they are delivered in a jiffy and always bring back a nostalgia of togetherness.

Dominos has made it big in the country and to celebrate this it constantly rolls out various discounts and offers. This is not just one or two occasions, its offers are now available on weekdays and this is one thing the whole pizza community is happy about. The Dominos wednesday offer is definitely that one that makes a dull week at work or college interesting.

Ordering a pizza was never just about attending to your tummy growls, it has been about sharing moments together with friends and family, those silly taunts on who ate the most number of slices, who burped aloud without saying ‘excuse me’ or about who’s dating whom at work or in college. Getting people together was Dominos’ forte and this couldn’t have been executed better. Kudos to its range of pizzas that cater to the appetite of almost everyone.

Talking about the Dominos Wednesday deals, they are here and here to stay. Here are a few reasons why you should opt for it. Here, I shall not be listing the same old reasons that you already know. Instead i’ll take you through a trip that might get get a smile on your face.

It’s Mid-week: while the weekend looks far away, most of us are getting crushed under the pressure of reaching targets. In these times, it’s just not you who’s tensed. Those numbers can always be met. Instead take a break, gather your team and get some pizza’s. Crack some jokes and give them and yourself a positive attitude for the rest of the day. A wise man once said, a way to anyone’s heart is through their stomach. This might just work.

Because the deals are irresistible: The dominos offer today on any wednesday is 50% off. That’s right, your bill is slashed to its half and this gives you the opportunity to order more or add another dessert or two to pamper yourself. That’s not all, if the total price of the bill is more than 500, there is a chance that you might get yourself a hand-tossed pizza absolutely free.

It’s fast: The order will reach you even before you know it. Dominos is fast. They cook swift and the same amount of expertise is shown by their delivery agents who strive to get you your favourite pizzas while they are still steaming hot.

While these are three reasons that compel you to binge on pizza, here are a few deals that make you go gaga after seeing the coupon code being applied and price of your order drop drastically. To begin the fifty percent off on the second pizza, is just insane. And the best part is that this is not just on a wednesday, it’s applicable all week.

If you’re a person who looks for cashbacks, getting lunch from Dominos is not something you should miss. For, you can get a flat 25% cashback when paid with Freecharge wallet. Order more, get more.

So, to all the dudes and dudettes, wednesday’s here, it’s mid-week. Take a break, talk to the people around you and make memories over a pizza. Share it, and that’s what Dominos pizza is all about. Sharing happiness.

How To Get/Claim This Offer:

  1. Visit Dominos website for placing your order by clicking below deal link.

  2. Login with your credentials if you are an existing user or Signup if you are a new user.

  3. Choose your location.

  4. Choose your favorite food to cart from menu.

  5. Select your shipping address.

  6. Apply coupon code while paying the amount to get amazing discount/cashback.
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