Friendship Day, a day to celebrate the eternal bonding between friends. It’s a fact that your friend knows everything about you. Not everyone can become friends with you but there might be few people who are close to your heart. And now, it’s time to give them a hug and say thanks for being in your life. What comes to your mind when you think about your friends? The funny pranks which you people have done together, parties, hanging out together, watching TV series and lot more. Hold on… when we talk about TV series, FRIENDS is the show which almost every teenager would be liking. Friends watching FRIENDS together is a real fun. Sitting at home watching the episodes one after the other might be boring. So, step out for lunch, snacks or for dinner. It is difficult to keep things away from our mind when we get addicted to these FRIENDS series. The best way to munch food and also to stick on to these series is to visit the Friends themed cafes in India. Sounds interesting right? Then, have a look at these amazing places.

Best Friends themed cafes

There are lot many TV series coming then and now, but FRIENDS remained as the best one till date. Find out the cafes here which are inspired by the show.

Central Perk 7, Pune

Friends themed cafes

The theme of this cafe brings nostalgia. The seating in the cafe is more related to Ross and Chandler. The food tastes yummy and if you are die hard fan of FRIENDS, then this is a must visit. This cafe is about to introduce few friends themed cafes, so let’s wait and see more.

Central Perk, Chandigarh

Friends themed cafes

This cozy place makes you get attached to every character in the series. The walls are quoted with the famous dialogues in the show. Even the couches are colorful with quirky quotes on it.

Central Perk, Hyderabad

Friends themed cafes

The orange couch in this cafe grabs all the attention of peoples. These unique pieces keep the memories safe forever and ever. Make sure you taste the food which is yummilicious. This is considered as one of the best friends themed cafes in India.

Some more to consider

Apart from the above places, there are quiet a lot of places to visit on this friendship day. Go to a movie, shopping, partying and much more. Last but not the least, grow older with your friends.

Hope you liked the Friends themed cafes… if you get to know any other interesting places, then do share with us.