If you’re looking for economical airfares to travel to India, you need to know just where to find them. With private airlines lowering their fares, the competition between airlines traveling in India has increased. Discounted airfares to travel within the country are also available for all foreign tourists and NRI’s alike. India has established itself as a rapidly developing economy that has much to offer to the world. As a result of which the country is not only visited by tourists but by businessmen too.

Many international flights travel to peak destination places like Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Chennai. In fact, Air India provides for flights that directly land in places like Amritsar (Punjab), which is a popular destination spot for tourists who wish to see the Golden Temple. Jet airlines also operate overseas with flights traveling to Toronto and New Jersey.

“Visit India Fares” are some options to travel cheap to India. Experts in the business believe that Jet airlines offer cheap Visit India Fares which can account for a mere $727.10 for a 7-day visit to India as compared to a 3-way visit to 3 places within India which can come to about $582.10 approximately. There is certainly no point hopping around within the country without intervals and without savoring the beauty of the place.

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Tricks to Get Cheap Airfares to India

Listed below are a few suggestions that can help you get hold of cheap airfares to India:

  • Most airlines have a stack of tickets they sell out cheap. Purchase flight tickets early to get hold of the cheap offers to travel to India.
  • Overseas flights to India seem to be costlier over the weekends, that is, Friday or Saturday. Try being a little flexible with your dates and appointments so as to travel on the relatively cheaper airfares.
  • Discounted tickets come with restrictions or added penalties too. For example, changing the date on the ticket can cost you about $150. You got to be very careful about reading the details of a ticket before buying it to commit any mistakes and then pay for it uselessly.
  • Compare the final fare of several airlines to get the most economical one in your hands.
  • When offered a discounted ticket, check the details to avoid inconvenience and delay. For example, if the route requires connecting flights or flight changes, the journey can get too hectic and cumbersome for you.
  • Indian travel agents within your respective countries may be able to guide you through the offers and schemes but be careful about going to the right through your area or a better way is to browse for any advertisements then approach travel agents.
  • There are some airlines which offer discounts to senior citizens as well.
  • The best way to find economical airfares is to browse the internet for more information, facilities, details, etc.

Domestic flights (Indigo, Spice Jet, etc) within Indian boundaries are also a treat for foreigners these days with the latest facilities onboard like extended leg space, unmatched hospitality, clean surroundings, etc.

Many are also of the opinion that India offers cheap flight tickets to travel to New York, Toronto, Sydney, London, etc. Return tickets, as passengers complain, are always more than one-way international airfare. Most NRI’s find an easier way out to travel to India on a one-way ticket and buy the return ticket from India.

However, one needs to do a careful calculation of the additional taxes charged on the fares which can cost you almost the same or more. So don’t be duped by travel agents and get detailed information of the advertisements spelt out in India with respect to cheap flying to International locations.