United States of America had to choose between Democratic contender Hillary Clinton and her Republican rival Donald Trump. The last few months have been a roller coaster ride with the poll results.

Here’s how US Election became an anti Clinton selection

These are the latest predictions at some US media done before the results: (Citation: BBC)

New York Times Upshot: Clinton has 84% chance of winning

FiveThirtyEight: Clinton has 65% chance

HuffPost: Clinton has 98% chance

However, 8 November, 2016 will be marked in history as a day that witnessed change. US election is never based on national preferences, it is a state by state effort given to reach 270 electoral votes. A remarkable, unbelievable, unpredictable US presidential run ended with a dramatic twist – a Donald Trump presidency.

Reasons why Donald Trump Won
The main reason behind this win is that people voted against the Clinton race. Trump proved wrong when people thought, he would not be seen in the polls, he would not win primaries, and finally he would not win Republican Nomination. Donald Trump became the US President with 278 electoral votes, winning Florida, Ohio and North Carolina. The Winning lines told by Trump were: “It is time for us to come together as one united people”.

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Trump hit hard where it was required
Those common laborers white individuals, especially ones without school training – men and ladies – abandoned the gathering in huge numbers. Rustic voters turned out in high numbers, as the Americans who felt disregarded by the foundation and left behind by the beach front tip top made their voices listened. The White Trump Wave hit places which made history.

Comey Helped
That pathway didn’t look so evident around two weeks back, before FBI chief James Comey discharged his letter declaring that they were reviving their examination concerning Hillary Clinton’s private email server.

A Narrow Win, though
The specialized reason Trump won the administration is that he won exceptionally limit triumphs in only a couple key Rust Belt swing states. Pennsylvania is suppose to be the state that put him over 270.

The White Wave
The customary perspective of late American decisions gave significantly more motivation to think Mrs. Clinton was protected. National leave surveys recommended that President Obama won the 2012 presidential race regardless of faring more awful among white voters than any Democrat since Walter Mondale. Those surveys demonstrated that white voters without a degree were currently only 33% of the electorate. It was translated to imply that there was very little space for extra Democratic misfortunes, particularly once a white Democrat supplanted.

The Silent Majority
Donald Trump was correct from the beginning. He had a noiseless lion’s share. The media, the surveyors and Republican elites never observed it – despite the fact that it was directly before them the entire time. Because his embraced party kept up its larger parts in the Senate and the House, Trump can now propel an exceptionally eager motivation. He gets the chance to pick Antontin Scalia’s substitution, vindicating Mitch McConnell’s choice to deny Merrick Garland a hearing and guaranteeing that the GOP will control every one of the three branches of government. Since Barack Obama has depended such a great amount on official activities since the 2010 midterms, on the off chance that he picks, Trump can move back huge numbers of the president’s mark accomplishments. The Republican Congress can likewise utilize spending compromise to gut Obamacare. TPP is completely dead.

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