The kitchen is one place where figuring things out seems like a challenge initially! And if you’ve always been out of this zone, then your challenge levels are bound to be high. At times performing the basic tasks like buttering toasts and slicing tomatoes for breakfast and the regular cleaning seems like a never-ending task. However, for the ones that find themselves at a crisis in kitchen, managing daily errands there are 6 smart and simple kitchen hacks to count on. So here goes!

Here are some unbelievable kitchen hacks that will change your life

1.Knife out the ice-cream than scooping

Scooping out an ice-cream is challenging for an average Joe or Nancy! So the next time you have an ice-cream party at home or a friendly get together where you want to serve a best flavoured ice-cream use a knife instead of a scoop. Slicing will come easy than scooping. You can actually dish out the slices on disposable plates or normal plates, cleaning or disposing which is easy.

scooping out an ice cream

2.Cease down the rotting pace

This might come as an interesting fact or tip for you! Storing tomatoes stem from end down will prevent them from getting spoiled early. This averts the air from penetrating into the body and moisture from being present in the scar where the tomato once used to be connected to the vine. Another interesting thing to note, is that storing them at room temperature instead of a freezer makes them last longer.
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cease down the rotting pace

3.Use a hot knife for cake cutting

Birthdays, anniversaries or fun get-togethers at home, cutting a huge cake that has been kept inside a freezer or the likes of a chocolate mousse or gelato cakes comes with the challenge of doing it incorrectly and thereby dirtying the space around. A smart hack here is to warm a knife and use the same to cut the cake. This will make the pieces come out well and tidy and the cutting becomes easy too.

hot knife for cake cutting

4.Have your bottle openers handy

Many are under the impression that bottle openers or can openers (that looks similar to each other) needs to be preserved for bottles and cans only. Surprisingly, it has an added use as well. When it comes to opening jars of pickles, jams, sauces and other pastes to be used in cooking your humble and functional bottle openers can be used for the same seamlessly and easily. This makes the process of opening a jar simple and easy.

bottle openers handy

5.Freeze your leftover wine

If you use wine in your cooking for recipes such as chicken or ham in white wine and you find that there’s some left over wine, you can measure out the same and add to the Ziploc bags and then place the same into the freezer than having the entire bottle taking up a lot of space. This will preserve the wine in a good enough condition to be used later in cooking.
leftover wine

6.Use ice-cube trays for chocolate making

If you are trying out just basic homemade chocolate recipes, you don’t need to stretch yourself out and getting those expensive chocolate shaping boxes or cones. Use your ice-cube tray instead and you are good to go!

best kitchen hacks

Use these quick and smart kitchen hacks and overcome the so called kitchen challenges fast and easy!