To know the world up, close and personal you must travel! There’s no denying in the gem of truth that this age-old adage carries. And just to add in a little bit of fun, mirth and humor to your travel, regardless of the destination, invoke your observation skills a bit and you shall come across these 5 types of travelers whilst you’re travelling. Bus, train, flight – never mind the mode, they’re everywhere. Check best deals before book your tickets online for better savings.

Types Of Travelers You Meet While Traveling

Here’s a peek-a-boo!

1. The Globe trotter:

You can say it by the look of it! Arriving at a airport like he knows how to go about it, clad in a cargo, carrying a backpack and a route map in his hands – the globe trotter is always at a his spin. Traveling light and carrying the lease of the luggage, barring what’s required for the globe trotter airports and stations are more like his resting grounds. You will mostly find this person either alone or with a group of fellow travelers. He will have interesting tales to share with you, should you want to get up and have a word with him. Probably, you will as his extrovert-ish persona is attractive in the most charming way! When you think about types of travelers, then globe trotter is the frequent type whom you can find.

Globe Trotter

2. The Couple:

Watch them from a distance if you sense it’s their first honeymoon. Couple travelers often exude an awkward sweetness about them by the way they are with each other. And it’s fun to watch a couple whilst traveling as most of the decisions are taken together – from which menu to select at breakfast to what evening meal to munch on, everything. Wish them luck as they are about to know each other a tad bit better through this trip.

Couple Traveller

3. The First-Time Solo Traveler:

This one wants to be the globe trotter someday! But for now happens to be a newbie and hence exudes more vulnerability in a subtle way than confidence. Even though he/she knows the flight times and all other details, you will find the newbie traveler always checking out everything around with eyes wide open. No guidelines should miss his/her notice, as if there’s a goof-up there’s none to be blamed but the self. Another characteristic of the newbie travelers is that they are most times keen for a conversation with fellow passengers, but often carry an inhibition about it. They always try to stand out from other types of travelers. And if you want to break the ice? Go ahead and talk to him/her and you can find a new friend!

Solo Traveller

4. The Typical Tourist:

Every station and airport has them in plenty! They are everywhere. You know it’s a tourist by the baggage they carry and the sense of urgency that they have. Cute with their own oddities, a tourist will want to travel in the most customary manner. For him/her the trip needs to go well. Unlike the globe trotter, he/she isn’t much counting on the subtle nuances of the travel and can be considered as the most common type of travelers.

Typical Tourist

5. The Excited Selfie Enthusiast:

If you find someone clicking selfies at the airport coffee shop, the passenger sitting bench, the station clock and the like you’ve met a selfie-enthusiast who has added travel to his/her list of “things I like”. They are a happy go lucky bunch who needs to have a selfie with everything interesting or new they chance upon. Don’t feel surprised if you too get included in the frame as you observe them. They must have found your observation style interesting.

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