We would really have to look around to find someone who doesn’t like to travel. For the matter of fact, we might find none. Travelling is a therapy in itself and an amazing experience that enables us to explore the a world around us, learn, adapt and simply let ourselves lose, away from the hectic schedules, deadlines and the daily errands. However the moment travelling, as a word strikes our mind, the hefty bills and tariffs start accompanying, making us think a bit further, at times we in fact need to wait longer in order to collect and save enough, before we can even start planning for a trip. But today, in this blog, we are simply going to talk about how to travel on budget, the easiest measures and options to opt for!

Ways to Travel with very little money

Well, honestly, you don’t really need to be rich, if in case you love travelling. Making travelling a priority or a matter of attention, is not that tough. You can simply live for the present, love travelling, explore, meet people and simply have fun, minus the massive expenses, lingering on your head!

You can in fact break the rules and travel on budget

However you simply will have to ditch the fondness for luxuries, manage with minimal options and avoid a hefty bill at the end of it. Today, managing money is not at all a big deal. There are several saving schemes, credit cards, loans and so much more that is able to manage a lot many things, easily. But the idea of travelling on a budget should simply not deter your spirits or halt your passion to pack your bags and leave! You can travel to any place around; there are options for travel insurance available, instead of hotels, there are home stays that offer cheap and affordable lodging along with fresh, home cooked meals, without burning a hole in your pockets. Actually, travel is often combined with fine-dining, plush stays, lavish buffet spreads that commonly bring along heavy bills to pay, but the moment you decide to compromise a bit on such extravagance, travelling becomes an easier task.

travel on budget

Even on a trip, you don’t really need anything else, apart from:

Fresh Air, clean water, fresh food, a comfortable sleep and a fit frame of the body and the mind! Most of these things can be enjoyed even on a budget. So speaking on clearly, a larger spectrum, travelling can be thoroughly enjoyed even when you stick to your budget.

Here is a list of things you can follow in order to have fun and thoroughly enjoy yourselves while you travel on budget:

  • Look around for beauty surrounding you, over luxuries
  • Meet new people, make memories and keep them safe
  • Cherish and gather experience
  • Stop secluding yourself inside plush hotel rooms, enjoy nature; raw and fresh
  • Fresh food anywhere, even on a roadside stall is any-day better than a stale yet lavish spread

travel on budget

The moment you overcome your financial barricades, you would indeed begin to experiences the charisma and eth magnetism, travelling brings along!