Every one of us knows the hassle of booking cabs for transportation earlier is pretty tough. But now, with the introduction of various cabs services apps, booking the cabs has become more convenient. People are preferring cabs these days as they have become more affordable with the various offers and coupons available online. When it comes to Hyderabad, there are quite a lot of best cab services in Hyderabad who offer cheaper rides with great services. Hyderabad is a perfect place to roam around to explore Nizam culture, to enjoy lip-smacking biryani and kebabs, street shopping and lot more. And exploring the city beauty of Hyderabad by public transportation might be painful, and here comes the reason to choose the cab services.

Best Cab Services In Hyderabad

When you are thinking about cabs, the first thing that runs your mind is pricey cab rides. Don’ worry anymore as there are huge deals and discounts on cab rides that doesn’t burn your pocket. Be assured that your first rides will be free and beyond that, all other rides will be discounted. Voila! Let’s see the cab services in Hyderabad who are going to give you cheaper and comfortable rides.


Next big thing when it comes to cab services in Hyderabad is Uber. If you are worried about spending more money on cab rides, then you have to check out Uber. From the time Uber is launched in India, it is committed to providing affordable cab rides for all the users. The first ride on Uber is always on them and you need not pay for it.


If you are looking for a quick and pocket-friendly ride, then you must go for OlaCabs. It is the first cab service provider introduced and has been best to date. This mobile app is changing the way people travel around India. It is known for quick bookings, secured rides, and affordable rides. One can book AC cars like micro, mini, prime and sedan. Other than AC cars, you can even book the shuttle, auto-rickshaws, Ola bikes, etc. And its time to say Hi to Ola!


If you are in Hyderabad, then you get a chance to ride on a wide range of cars from Meru. It has been chosen as the best radio cab service provider in Hyderabad. The complete fleet of cars makes your journey affordable. Download the app now and count on them for the best-in-class rides. You can call, tap or click on booking a cab and choose them trips like one way or round trip either local or outstation rides.


Apart from booking the regular cabs for a daily commute, you can also book cabs on daily basis, and here comes Zoomcar to do so. There are various packages which can be customized for you based on your flexibility. You can choose from a fleet of cars like Hatchback, Sedan, SUV and Luxury cars for a day trip, outstation trips, weekend trips and so on. There are various advantages if you book from Zoomcars like the fuel cost is included, there are no hidden charges, you can ride anywhere and so on. The tariff starts at Rs 70/hr which is very impressive.


Myles is known as the best self-drive car service providers. It offers you a wide range of cars that make a memorable trip. Get a chance to choose from hatchbacks to luxury cars like Mercedes. There are over 38 models for you to choose and from over 250 locations. Next time when you ride with Myles, be assured for great rides at a lesser price.

Orange cabs

There might be a lot of cab services in Hyderabad which might end up making you pay huge money for cab rides. But now, don’t worry about those expensive cab rides, as Orange cabs are here. These are pocket-friendly and all the rides that are offered for your convenience.

Pro tip: Bike taxi also one of the best option for transportation. Rapido , Ola & Uber are popular bike Taxi services in Hyderabad.

If we are missing any name on this list provided, then do let us know. We would love to know them!