The festive season is here. While fasting whole day, all that we can think of how we could rock that traditional attire and look good in the night when we visit the temple or attend the Dandiya and Garba event. Fair enough, cus, it’s not every day we get to wear those traditional attires that we have spent a lot of money purchasing. Not being repetitive is the key to looking gorgeous this festive season. One-stop Destination for your Favourite Brands & Categories collection of women’s clothing & fashion!

Here are the tips to look gorgeous this Diwali

Sona chandi hai Jaruri:

If you haven’t purchased your set of sizzling clothes yet, here’s something you could consider. The new eye turners are now those clothes that have a dash of Gold and silver in them. That doesn’t mean that you submerge yourself in a pond of liquid gold or silver.
gold and silver dresses

Flirt with your eyes:

You have now entered the biggest unofficial dating pool. You are at an annual Dandiya event. The trick here is not being vocal. Use your eyes, try to communicate with them. That doesn’t mean you give the other person the stare the person to hell. Hinting works, so does interupted eye contact. So play it smooth.

flirt with your eyes

Salon wala hair style at home:

You’ve groomed your hair all year long with care and patience. For all the money and time you’ve spent nurturing it, the Diwali season is your time to encash them in kind. Break the routine and try something new. Go ahead and experiment. You could always find some new styles and looks in youtube. So go experimenting

gorgeous hairstyles for diwali

Go neon:

If you want to jazz your attire and shine bright when in the spotlight, you could look for the neon attire that will show off the fashionista and the traditional person in you. That said, Don’t bling it up so much that you look like you’ve got a ‘Glow in the dark’ paint job done

neon navratri dresses

Flaunt them traditional crop tops:

Lehenga Choli is the best way to show your crop top, again, this is for women :-p . All the classes for Zumba, Running and Gym will show its fruit now. Show off them flat tummies and you could jazz that look with a tummy tattoo or a belly button ring.

traditional crop tops

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