Google has launched the Google Pixel and Pixel XL and they are soon to hit the markets. The pixel has been the talk of the town till Samsung stole the thunder with its exploding batteries. Coming back to the Google pixel, it’s smart, it vast and beautiful.

Here are 7 things you didn’t know about Google Pixel (XL):

  1. Dash charge meets its successor: Dash charge has been in the smartphone space as a very important feature since the introduction of the OnePlus. Google’s Pixel boasts of its ability to charge from 0-60% of its battery in 15 minutes.
  2. Obsessively customer centric: Heard of those companies that go head over heels to ensure their customers are kept satisfied? Yes? Well Google has now joined that band wagon with Pixel. It is enabled with an option where you can get help from an option in your settings, you can even send screenshots of your screen to the person helping you.
  3. Easy switch: Want to upgrade to the Google Pixel but don’t want to go through the hassle of transferring your saved data? The easy switch is a feature that enables you to connect your iphone or android phone to Pixe through a cable and Pixel will take care of transferring all your content from one to another. Everything including your contacts, messages, pictures, and videos.
  4. Google Duo: Hangouts has been replaced by the Google Duo. The google Duo is a feature that allows pixel users to video chat with each other using just internet.
  5. Camera: The Google Pixel at it’s launch has declared that it has the best rated smartphone camera ever. The 13.2 MP camera in the rear and the 8MP camera in the front comes with features like sharp shoot, anti blur and more.
  6. Unlimited storage: The pixel come with internal storage options of 32 or 128GB. Regardless of these, the pixel user would be given unlimited cloud storage space for pictures, videos, and more. So, say bye to deleting content to create space.
  7. Google’s Assistant: Last but not the least, the Google’s Assistant is smart and very catchy. It has the ability to respond keeping in consideration factors like time, location, weather, and more. This assistant can wake up and dawn or book a cab for you.

These are some facts on the famous Google Pixel and Pixel Xl. If you think we’ve missed out a few points, please feel free to add them under the comments section.

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