There is no doubt that the telecom companies are creating ripples and are always ready to grab attention of the mass and make attractive declaration that looks too good to be true! They are all in the same band wagon, pulling each other and trying to prove their worth better than the other around.

The story about the Silent Broadband War

While competition is the second name for business, but looks like the kind of advancements, these telecom companies are making, India is certainly lucky enough to be on the receiving side, undeniably!

The recently introduced, Jio Sims has been taking a toll on most of us, already. The team is out with another big announcement! They have rolled out the plan that could take the broadband business by a storm! Known for offering some of the most incredibly affordable plan since decades, Reliance have geared up yet another time to offer some astonishing surprises, the mass is certainly drooling upon.

The plans and the exceptional services are just going to sweep away the rest in the market, undoubtedly. The plans might sound untrue, but the fact is that are all real for sure. The all new Jio fiber net shall be all yours for just 500 bucks and you get a whooping 600GB along with a 30 days validity period! This sounds like a cherry on the cake, isn’t it!

Now this has made the other, certainly re consider their offerings and join the competition, while they are all busy, planning better packs and upgrading their services for that matter. Bharti has already spilled the beans by offering better data speeds and claim to be on the better edge, if compared to the Reliance Jio offerings.

Airtel claims to be using the various spectrums that offer better airwaves, hereby bringing in better and much enhanced 4G data services. This definitely makes the services to be faster and all the more efficient. There is doubt about saying that since the web is the backbone of our lives; the need of speed is a constant factor that enables consumers to decide upon their service providers.

On the other hand, Reliance claims to spark out a pricing war. The company claims to be the cheapest and the most easily accessible network, further on, making it a tough call for the consumers to pick one.

  • Most of the telecom companies offer extremely affordable costs and low prices.
  • They have great speed plans, well structured limits and validity to choose from.
  • All of them can be connected to any hardware like the Apple TV, a Smart box, phones etc without any hassle.
  • They have incredible welcome Offers, joining discounts, free services and much more to attract users.

The market is getting all the more perplexing, highly competitive and definitely so full of choices that the users can be easily confused, while they are the best judges so as to go for the ones that typically works best for the in this war!