Google’s Home or Amazon’s Echo? Who will take the place on your shelf?

Always wanted those extra pair of hands to help you with minute chores like playing music while you were doing the dishes or someone informing you about traffic conditions on your way to work or playing that one romantic song while you’re cooking for your date at home?

Google has come up with just the thing that does all of the above mentioned work for you. Now, before you go all Tony Stark, let me remind you, it’s no JARVIS but the next big thing. The Google Home. Google Home is the assistant to whom you could talk to, listen to, and also connect to.

While Google is running this race, Alexa from Amazon is running alongside it with equal pace. The race for being the best AI interface for your home is the target and in this race, the competitors are integrating everything from Music, to news, getting a cab on a rainy day to getting a pizza delivered at the convenience of a voice command.

Google Home

This is an insight to the Home and Alexa and how each of them will be a significant game changer

Here are 6 things you did not know about Google Home:

  • Speak to your home: Google Home is equipped with 2 sensitive voice receivers to sustain interruption free communication between you and your virtual assistant. Start a conversation about things like shopping lists, alarm, traffic updates and more by saying Ok Google.
  • Get instant information: Want to know how to make that perfect Butter Chicken, or want to know which route to take to work to encounter the least traffic? Google Home answers them all with real time answers. That said, don’t expect it to repair your car or redo your interiors while you’re at work :-p
  • Play Music: With Music, podcasts, Youtube Red, Mobile app audio streaming and more, finding the song you want to listen shouldn’t be difficult for Google Home. Play and pause music and search for more hands free while cooking or reading a book.
  • Adjust your home settings: Google Home can now be integrated to your house’s electrical and thermal functions. Lights and off and on can be controlled by just saying it. The same can be done with adjusting the temperature on your thermostat. Thanks to Google Home.
  • Customize it: Google Home’s customisable features lets you either make it stand out in contrast with your home theme or make it blend in. With more than 5 colours to customize it with, Google Home knows exactly how to fit in.
  • Youtube Red: Last but not the least, every user gets 6 months free subscription of Youtube Red. That means ad free uninterrupted music.

That said, Google is not the only manufacturer in the smarthome segment. Amazon’s Echo is in the market and users are given options to choose from, and each choice is centered around preferences. While Google Home is integrated to Google search to come up with accurate answers to the most generic queries, Amazon relies on Bing search to power the search engine of Echo.

What is Echo and what is Alexa?

Alexa is an operating system in progress while Echo is simply the device that has the built-in smart bluetooth speakers that can respond to voice commands. The Echo seems smarter, cheaper, and more mobile when compared to Google’s Home. The introduction of the Echo Dot takes the reach of the Echo to another level and at this level it becomes difficult for G-Home to compete. The Echo Dot is an extension of the speaker which is in sync with the main tower i.e the Echo, but is so portable that it can be placed in various locations. The Echo Dot is a lot cheaper and justs acts as an add-on.

Google Home

For a house with 4 rooms, a user could just use one Amazon Echo and 3 other Echo Dots, but might have to end up buying 4 Google Homes to get the same level of connectivity.

While the Amazon Echo is still learning, still developing and progressing, the Google Home looks like it has reached its maximum potential. This is where Alexa comes to play. Alexa is a word derived from Alexandria’s ancient Libraries that stored vast amounts of scriptures, epics, and more. Alexa runs on the principle of addings skills to its framework. Skills like voice commands, imbibing your habits and more.

Alexa helps you add items to your cart in Amazon, integrates with Spotify, iheartradio, for your favourite music. The default space that the Alexa will search from is the Amazon Music store but specific voice commands can help you decide the route in which the search is directed.

Ex: when you want to search for the song called Starboy, you’d say: Alexa or Echo : Starboy. If you wanted Echo to play it from your Spotify account you’d say Alexa or Echo: Starboy from Spotify.

We have looked at the response of the Google Home and Amazon Echo and this is how it looks like.

While Google definitely has a better search ratings and answers your questions smartly, Amazon looks like it’s gearing up for a bigger picture.

Here is a glimpse of the new Google Home, if you think we have missed out on something essential, please add your views under comments.