Snacking is indeed a much overhyped aspect, particularly in the lives of weight watchers. Either they give it in on heavy, calorie laden cookies and chips, when they think of snacking, or simply stay hungry during the means, fearing weight gain.

However with everything said and done, snacking remains to be an important part of a daily diet, and yes, you can still lose weight, but only when you choose snacks that are high in nutrition and carry lesser calories. Most successful weight watchers are regularly munching on snacks, wherein their choice of snacks, steals the show and makes a huge lot of a difference in the way their bodies transform.

Basically healthy snacks are low in calories, low in salt, sugar and refined carbs for that matter. Including healthier options, regularizes the daily diet, helps people to eat better during their main meals and hence promotes weight loss, over to a healthier and fit body along with a faster metabolism.

Today, in this blog, let us list the top 5 and most popular snacks that are worth snacking on! Tuck into these nutritious snacks while they are all under the 100 calorie benchmark:

Here are the Magic Food under 100 calories

Scrumptious Cheese & Tomato mini Toast

(93 cal)
A mini toast is available at most confectioners these days, This is basically a slimmer slice of a regular toast for that matter., You can add a mouth watering layer of your favorite veggies like spring onions, tomatoes, bell peppers, while you layer them over with low fat cheese, salt and pepper. The whole grain bread has healthy carbs on board, while the veggies and cheese give you that yummy punch!

Snacks Under 100 Calories

You don’t need to ditch that HOT chocolate this winter

(99 cal)
Get absorbed to the ecstasy of the much loved cocoa. This is your very own guilt free indulgence during your means, for sure. You can use a sachet of low fat chocolate to a steaming hot cup of H2O. Add maple syrup, stevia or marshmallows to get the much needed sweet kick!

Snacks Under 100 Calories

An anytime fruit salad always works

(102 cal)
You can create your favorite fruit salad, including fresh and yummy fruits, anytime, anywhere! Juts chop the natural freshness and give your taste buds a sweet kick. Fruits like pineapple, apple, kiwi, grapes etc can be relished without any guilt to keep you fresh and going.

Snacks Under 100 Calories

Ecstatic combination of Peanut Butter with apple slices

(96 cal)
This is your go to snack option if in case you are carving sweet and salt, both. The fresh apples would give you healthy carbs, while peanut butter is indeed a treat you surely deserve! This combination is interesting, filling and will keep you going, until your next meal, for sure!

Snacks Under 100 Calories

Mexican wave with baked beans

(97 cal)
The is one yummy snacking option that your taste buds would thank you for, while the calories are certainly not at all a problem at all. Being a healthy comfort food, you can bake these healthy beans along with your favorite sauce and sprinkle some fresh herbs! Yes, you’re good to go. Add a slice of multigrain bread, if you’re too hungry!


Snacks Under 100 Calories

The overhyped Bananas and Milk

(98 cal)
Often hated by weight watchers, bananas are essentially a great option to snack upon. You can definitely add low fat milk to blend it into a mouth-watering shake, just avoid any added sugar and enjoy the goodness of this awesome combination.

Banana and Milk
Happy Snacking, eat well, look great and feel awesome!