Have you ever wondered why thoughts of being a traveler for life often cross your mind – it’s because our souls want to roam around with the abandon of a child and wants to explore the beauty of the world. And that’s there in bounty, whether you are aware of it or not! From the meadows to the waterfalls to the canyons, Planet Earth is replete with magical sites and spots. And if you want to gift yourself the experience of such astounding views, then there are 5 places to see and visit in this world, before they get erased. So, what are you waiting for? Visit these places and live the one time experience without burning a hole in your wallet, using Yatra flight offers.

Here are the names of five natural wonders that you can add to your travel bucket list!

1. The Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Reputedly known to be the biggest coral reef round the globe spanning across a massive region of 133,000 square miles, this site has been a tourist attraction for long Down Under. But somehow the rising environmental conditions have said to be gradually eroding this structure gradually. From the increasing pollution to that of increasing ocean temperatures, this natural wonder has the chance to get completely vanished within the next century. So add this to your travel bucket list at the earliest!

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2. The Dead Sea

There’s nothing morbid about the Dead Sea, much as many would conjecture by the name of it! Instead, this salty and historical sea is known to be a popular site for healing and has rich historical references. For instance, the Dead Sea scrolls hold great spiritual significance. However, going by the geological statistics, over the last 40 years, the Dead Sea has been reported to have sunk down to 80 feet and shrunk by one third. Naturists and geological experts are under the notion that this lake can disappear within as less as the next 50 years.

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3. Seychelles

If you ever wanted to visit a tropical paradise all your life, then you must make it to Seychelles. This place is a cluster of approximately 115 islands in Indian Ocean and it also happens to be home to several lavish resorts. However, despite all its scenic beauty and natural wonders, the islands are facing the threat of beach erosion post experiencing a massive coral die-off. According to experts, in the next 50 to 100 years, this whole archipelago might get immersed under water.

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4. The Alps

If you have a penchant for skiing, then the Alps is going to be your Mecca! Located at a lesser altitude than the Rocky Mountains this mountain range is more vulnerable to climate change. Over and above 3% of the Alpine glacier ice gets lost every year and the experts are of the opinion that the entire glacier can get totally wiped out by 2050.

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5. Alaska

One of the unique features of northern America is the Alaskan Tundra. However, the climatic fluctuations have resulted in thawing of this place’s permafrost that hasn’t just affected the structure but is also having an adverse impact on the present ecosystem.

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So add these 5 places to see and explore prior to the same getting extinct & get on to your globe trotter spree.