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Let’s Shop On Republic Day

Republic Day Sale Offers Online

Republic Day denote India’s appropriation of a republic constitution on January 26, 1950, in the wake of picking up of freedom from British control in 1947.

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Cashless Living: That’s How India is Changing

digital india power to empower

Digital India: Power to Empower

The Digital India program is a lead program of the Government of India with a dream to change India into a carefully engaged society and information economy. The adventure of e-Governance activities in India took a more extensive measurement in mid 90s for more extensive sectoral applications with accentuation on native driven administrations. Later on, many States/UTs began

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The Silent Broadband War Creating Ripples In The Country

Silent Broadband War

There is no doubt that the telecom companies are always ready to grab attention of the mass and make attractive declaration that looks too good to be true! They are all in the same band wagon, pulling each other and trying to prove their worth better than the other around.

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US Election Became An Anti Clinton Selection

US Elections Donald Trump

United States of America had to choose between Democratic contender Hillary Clinton and her Republican rival Donald Trump. The last few months have been a roller coaster ride with the poll results.

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India Got Modified: PM’s Strike On The Discontinuing Rs 500 & Rs 1000

India Got Modified

The entire nation has been taken away by this instantaneous and unexpected decision of PM Modi and his government. The currency notes, mentioned above have been discontinued in the entire nation within, minutes, last night. This had to be an abrupt decision that is supposed to fight against corruption and black money that had been clutching the country since decades.

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7 Things You Didn’t Know About Google Pixel and Pixel Xl

things you didn't know about google

Google has launched the Google Pixel and Pixel XL and they are soon to hit the markets. The pixel has been the talk of the town till Samsung stole the thunder with its exploding batteries. Coming back to the Google pixel, it’s smart, it vast and beautiful.

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