Looking for something exotic this New Year Eve?

Get exquisite at a budget this year and welcome 2022 with a bang. Its November, and here we are eagerly waiting for New Year again. The vibes get festive, something or the other keeps happening around the corner and people wait to start the new year in their own unique way. From fireworks to staying awake way past your bedtime, it’s all colorful and sparkling throughout the world. There are thousand different ways people tend to celebrate this season, starting from Halloween and Diwali in India, to Christmas and new year eve, every soul is excited and planning to kick-start the new year with a bang. Talking about different ways to relish this time of the year, the travelers out there are all gearing up, planning for happening vacation spots, making itineraries, booking tickets, and packing their bags.

The big question that pops up is where to go? And that too on a budget! Thanks to the thing called budget a lot of times plans get canceled but that’s not what we want for you. Planning a vacation with your people at this time of the year can be tricky because you wish to maintain that line and enjoy as much as you can. But don’t wish to exhaust the budget only by booking a hotel and conveyance correct? We bring you the most happening places throughout India, which are exquisite as well as budget friendly. These places will surely break that same monotonous pattern that has been followed by people since years when it comes to New Year Eve.

Talking about people and their different choices we have grouped these destinations so that it is easier for you to find your sweet spot and go for it this New Year Eve. Let’s begin exploring!!

1. Party Enthusiasts

This category of people is those who would want to welcome or celebrate anything and everything festive and new with excitement and high energy. Not just by being excited, these people would party all night long till they paint the town red.


Why go?: Goa would be one of the top destinations to party. With its variety of seashores, water sports, yoga resorts, exotic restaurants and hotels to stay and party, and a mix of events going on in December and January Goa has a lot to offer on New Year Eve. No wonder New Year’s Events in Goa are so talked about.

What to expect?: Beast Seafood, Fireworks, Hilltop 24 hour party, lanterns in the sky at midnight, Sunburn, Bonfire and Barbeque, Casinos, Cruise parties.


Why go?: The silicon valley of India, Bangalore, is one f the most modern cosmopolitan cities in India. With a young population, technological hub, the New Year’s Events in Bangalore make for an electric celebration. With moderate climate, open spaces, and upcoming party hubs Bangalore is a great option for party lovers. The city is all geared up to welcome New Year Eve and surely there is a lot more to offer.

What to expect?: great shopping experience, top-notch nightclubs, exotic resorts, historical adventure, nature, and wildlife.


Why go?: While making plans for partying all night long this New Year Eve, how can one forget about New Year’s Events in Mumbai. Mumbai hosts the grandest parties all over India. If you are looking for nice ambiance or we can call it ‘Vatavaran’ or maybe a nice crowd to mingle with than my friend this is the city for you. Other than parties there are events going on with food, drinks, and dancing, that surely enhance variety for your New Year Eve plans.

What to expect?: Grand DJ events throughout the city, you can enjoy sitting back at a beach facing resort with amazing food, social events, exotic resorts, fireworks at midnight, and if you are single there is definitely a change you might just meet the one.


Why go?: Talking about budget-friendly New Year Eve in Delhi, this metropolis will not disappoint you. Other than grand expensive parties, Delhi hosts budget-friendly parties as well. You can start the evening early by grabbing coffee at some cafe, play games, sit and chit-chat. After that you can move to a nice bar or a club to grab drinks and munchies, don’t forget to make prior reservations or else you’ll have to sit home and watch TV. Delhi offers a delicious variety of food that can you can enjoy after drinks, and in the end, you can sit back and enjoy a night sky full of fireworks at midnight and welcome 2022.

What to expect?: Well food, food, some more food, and lots of delicious mouth-watering food. It is a paradise for food enthusiasts and then the shopping is an added advantage, you can never forget about Sarojini Nagar and Connaught Place. And yes a huge variety of events, parties, and after-parties throughout the city.


Why go?: Are you not just looking for a party or a club to go to the dance? And does party also includes some amazing time with food, heritage, culture, and colors? If you watch to do some different kind of exotic party this New Year Eve then you should definitely check out Udaipur. Called the ‘city of Lakes’ Udaipur has a lot to offer you, and can 100% make you cherish this trip for the rest of your life.

What to expect?: Palaces, forts, lakes, boat rides, dinner on boats, exotic vintage cars, colorful regional events, fireworks, food, culture, and a lot of peace.


Why go?: Kolkata known for its heritage and food, is the charmer of Eastern India. This city promises a new story or history attached to each and every lane you visit. People are enthusiastic about letting you know and understand their culture and such passion is one of its kind. This can be the place for you if you are looking for a mix of metropolitan touch served with culture.

What to expect?: You can never run out of options if you look at Kolkata. The entire day can pass by in a blink of an eye, starting with a proper lush lunch, then a bit of shopping and explore the markets and food, followed by quick drinks and ending with mesmerizing fireworks at midnight.

2. Beach Buffs

Beach buffs can be defined as humans who can find solutions to there each and every problem on beaches or maybe even ‘Nirvana’ you never know. Be it celebrating or mourning, be it kicking out stress or to begin a new assignment, and even when they have nothing to do, these people head straight to the beaches. And when we are talking about something as important as New Year Eve how can we not list down these places that are heaven on earth.


Why go?: What can be better than a quiet beach, clean and historic city and your very own bike! The city has an interesting history and gets its culture from French and Tamil heritage. Its simple when you are in the city you got a lot of exploring and aimless wandering to do. Puducherry will never cease to amaze you with what all wide variety of things it has to offer.

What to expect?: New Year Eve can never be a silent affair. Hence, it’s going to be a buzz but positively more peaceful than other places in India. You can enjoy a nice touch of European life, old restaurants, mouth-watering continental cuisine, water sport, exotic resorts, and nice shopping experience. Other than all this if you are looking for parties to attend, then surely Aroma Garden will never disappoint you.


Why go?: Gokarna is this exotic beach paradise a litter further Goa. it is well suggested if you wish to have a peaceful getaway and you plan to explore then this is it. Gokarna is a typical offbeat hippie destination with a lot to offer.

What to expect?: Gokarna has a lot in its basket to offer. From partying all night long to trekking, it has a unique mix of chaos and tranquility. You can enjoy water sports, stay in exotic resorts, the beaches are cleaner and the crowd.


Why go?: Varkala is beach destination in Kerala and has so much to offer that this trip won’t end up being just for New Year Eve. Calm beaches, accepting and laid-back tourists, Bob Marley and Jack Johnson music in the air, restaurants, and cafes lined on the cliffs and yes the vibe! The vibe that would relax you to the core.

Things to expect?: Varkala is all set to surprise you. Not only beaches, cafes, bars, and restaurants but also Varkala has mesmerizing temples to connect you to your roots. You can expect fireworks, delicious food, fine liquor, and great company, all in all, be ready to expand your trip by days because Varkala won’t let you leave.

3. Mountain freaks

Now, who made this rule that New Year Eve is supposed to be celebrated while partying and dinners, basically everything glittery and shimmery? Why not do something out of the box, something like an adventure? So talking about mountain freaks these are those who can easily convince you that nothing is better than a little adventure to celebrate. And for sure they would have their retirement plans already sorted.


Why go?: located in Himachal Pradesh at the northern end of Kullu, Manali would be your destination if you are looking for a magical New Year Eve. Magical why? Its simple, it is the snowfall that does the trick. Just imagine Himalayan background, cool breeze, bonfires, and yes how can we forget the food, especially the sweet indulgence in this very season of the year. With all this, the cherry on the top is the fact that Manali has different things for different people. You can trek and get into all that’s adventurous or you can just lay back and chill with hot chocolate by your side.

What to expect?: Manali has a lot to offer such as adventure sports like trekking, zorbing, horse riding, skiing, paragliding, and white river rafting. Other than this you can also explore the temples, cafes, botanical gardens, museums, MG road, bonfires, rooftop restaurants, and yes a nice and warm barbeque night.

We also have options lined up for you if in case you wish to explore further Manali and make your New Year’s Party last longer. Further Manali you can go exploring Kasol that is just 75kms away Manali, or you can go to Bir Billing if in case you wish to cross paragliding from your to-do list. Other than these two you can also go to Mcleodganj that is 250KMs from Manali and can further make plans for the Triund trek, but yes, of course, that would require a nice long-planned trip and a lot of planned reasons to take leaves (if you know what we mean).


Why go?: Gangtok is the capital of Sikkim, situated at an altitude of 5500 feet above sea level is known as the Switzerland of the East. with the powerful magic of the Himalayan range in sight, a person can do nothing but be mesmerized by the view of Kanchenjunga. Gangtok gives you a very cozy feel and the ambiance is pure bliss.

What to expect?: Gangtok has a lot to offer, you can plan on a nice New Year Eve with a bonfire, liquor, food, and music. The MG road is a must visit in Gangtok and a lot of aimless wandering comes with the package. Talking about the mountain range, you just cannot miss the sight of the very first sunrays falling on Kanchenjunga, and the variety of colors changes the mountain range go through, that would leave you mesmerized. And what could be better than a sunrise like that on the very first day of a new year? Also, the monasteries are a must to explore and the cafes that surround Gangtok.


Why go?: Shillong is the capital of Meghalaya, which means ‘The Abode of Clouds’. Situated at an altitude of 4,908 feet above sea level, this amazing city has a lot to be explored. Other than the famous Elephant falls and Ward’s lake, this beautiful city offers you the chance to put some tents out and enjoy a blissful New Year Eve with your people.

What to expect?: other than rock climbing, trekking, and adventure sports, Shillong is offering you peace and a cozy way of celebrating New Years. Book yourself a cozy hotel or restaurant or just camp outside. There is nothing better than a barbecue with the bonfire, accompanied by your people.

4. Part-time Islanders

Part-time Islanders can be described as people who would be seen planning getaways to Islands no matter what the occasion is. They will have getaway bags all set and ready, just to fly off as soon as they see vacations approaching. The scenic beauty, exotic landscapes, and the culture give them a kick that they need to survive.

Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Why go?: Staying away from the hustle and bustle of the city and traffic, these islands are a great option to celebrate New Year Eve. The party scene is all sorted for the thrill-seekers as Port Blair, the capital offers the most exquisite events for the New Year’s Party. Just leave behind all the stress and fussy clothing, pack your swimsuits and laid-back fashion and head to these Islands.

What to expect?: bright blue clean waters, tropical landscape, and oozing tranquility and the most exotic resorts are on the offer. You can plan the entire day starting with water sports, then good seafood for lunch, shopping and an evening at the cruise, what else can you wish for? If not this then the resorts have their own events planned with midnight fireworks and delicious dinner.

Lakshadweep Islands

Why go?: India has a lot of islands to explore and the Lakshadweep Islands are on the top two of the list. The coral reef, tropical atmosphere, serene beaches with the best resorts, the vibe, and the food! All this is to definitely die for. The culture, markets and the people there make it worth to invest in this New Year Eve.

What to Expect?: well other than a peaceful and rejuvenating vacay, you can count on us when we tell you this is the best way to say hello to 2022. Lakshadweep islands offer you a variety of watersports, marine museum, vast market and a trip full of culture and colors. You will not regret this trip with your people and will bring back a bag full of stories and memories, and yes gifts as well.


Why go?: this beach hug in Kerala is surely the Venice of India. Surrounded by lagoons, backwaters, coconut palms and beaches it’s a paradise, worth exploring.

What to expect?: you can dive into the water, hire houseboat at backwaters with your person and be all ready for a romantic New Year Eve. The food is a plus point plus the culture there would leave you spellbound. You can engage in fishing and motorboating, and also can plan a lavish dinner to welcome 2022.

Islands of Kerala

Why go?: Kerala is surrounded by the Western Ghats on the West and vast Arabian sea on the East, how can you miss on these Islands while visiting Kerala. You can make a separate trip to visit these islands, with a proper itinerary and plan this could end up being the best investment of money and time. Listed down are a few islands that are a must visit.

  • Poovar
  • Vypin
  • Willingdon islands
  • Dharmadom
  • Pathiramanal
  • Kuruvadweep
  • Bolgatty
  • Kavvai

What to expect?: the natural beauty, golden sands, and acres and acres of water is what this trip is going to offer you. This could end up being a proper experience enriched with culture, flavor, heritage, and the most important the food.

India is full of options and places that are unexplored and raw. Planning a proper storyline for yourself to welcome 2022 is a task and actually important, because the way you welcome the beginning of each year, surely affects how your next 365 days span out. All these above places can result in budget-friendly trips or can also end up being expensive affairs, that depends on you and your choice of how you plan it out. So folks! Advice from us to you would be very simple, start planning and booking in advance, we would never want you to miss on something wonderful.