Hunting for an Indian mobile company?

India is moving towards digital revolution. And smartphones is one of the best ways to move it. The country has been experiencing a constant increase in demand for smartphones. Further, to increase the revenue and jobs in the country. Prime Minister Narendra Modi started a campaign coined as ‘Make in India’. Thanks to this campaign there has been an increase in the value of smartphones made in India by 373%. Flextronics, which is an Indian mobile company has set up its plant in Chennai. They claim to make 10 million smartphones a month.

Due to the absence of chipset making companies in India, it is not possible to completely manufacture a phone in India. Hence, top Indian mobile companies are importing most of the phones from China. And are assembling them in India. Indian mobile brands like Xolo, Lava, Micromax, and Intex are trying to compete with Chinese brands like Huawei, Oppo, Vivo, and Xiaomi. Within 5 to 10 years 25% of the global economy will define the digital economy.

“A research report says by 2020, 96% of the mobile phones sold in India will be locally manufactured”

Here is a list of Chinese companies manufacturing in India:

  • Xiaomi (Sri City, Andhra Pradesh)
  • Lenovo (Chennai, Tamil Nadu)
  • Oppo (Noida, Uttar Pradesh)
  • Vivo (Noida, Uttar Pradesh)
  • Huawei (Chennai, Tamil Nadu)
  • OnePlus (Noida, Uttar Pradesh)
  • Coolpad (Aurangabad, Maharashtra)
  • Gionee (Faridabad, Haryana)
  • Zopo (Noida, Uttar Pradesh)
  • ZTE (Unknown location)

Here is the Top Mobile Companies manufacturing in India:

Xiaomi (Not an Indian Mobile Company)

Indian mobile company

Xiaomi has partnered with Foxconn to set up its second manufacturing unit in the country. To support Made in India mobiles, Xiaomi entered India in 2014. And a while later they set up their second unit in Sri City, Andhra Pradesh. They are quite confident that they will be able to make ‘one phone per second in India’. If this happens, Xiaomi will be able to meet 95% of its demand in India. Xiaomi which is one of the top mobile brands will still continue to import accessories and its premium products from China.

The company launched the Redmi Note 4. It is currently number one selling smartphone India. Its new device Redmi 4A will manufacture it in India too. This is a 4G enabled phone with a high battery capacity along with a 13MP camera. The company aims to compete with Indian mobile brands like Micromax and Intex that rules budget smartphone category. The Redmi 4A price in India starts at INR 5,999.

Lenovo (Not an Indian Mobile Company)

Indian mobile company

In 2015, Lenovo announced its plans to start manufacturing phones in Chennai, India. They promised to generate 6 million units in one financial year. Moto E and K3 note are the two major phones that are being manufactured here. Lenovo mentioned that it recognized India’s potential long ago. And this unit would prove its long-term commitment to its customers.

Lenovo has a manufacturing plant in India, which currently employs 1500 people. Lenovo and Motorola both have seen quite the success in India. And Make in India initiative is the perfect opportunity for them to grow.

OPPO (Not an Indian Mobile Company)

Indian mobile company

Chinese company OPPO has invested a whopping Rs.145 crore in setting up a 110-acre plant in India. After registry process, the Government waived off 9.7 crore stamp duty charges. The condition of this being that OPPO will begin manufacturing only in December 2017. OPPO’s manufacturing unit in India expects to start functioning by March 2020. They have declared capacity to manufacture over 10 million handsets a year.

Vivo (Not an Indian Mobile Company)

Indian mobile company

Oppo’s vision to become a top mobile brand in India has now become a reality. Its manufacturing unit is all set to operate from Greater Noida. Their first step towards expansion is ‘Made for India’ V-Series. The 30,000 square meter unit locates in the World Trade Centre and is Vivo’s 7th largest unit outside China. They have a production capacity of 1 million smartphones per month. This capacity will increase in future as claimed by brand. Vivo’s first phase investment is Rs 125 crore. About 2,300 Indian employees are currently employed in the factory. To reach out to its customers, Vivo has done a sponsorship with popular Indian TV shows. The list includes Colors Comedy Nights with Kapil, MTV Roadies, MTV Bollyland Festival, and Vh1 Emerge. Hence, Vivo has built a solid foundation for a sustainable development in India to compete with Indian mobile companies.

Huawei (Not an Indian Mobile Company)

Indian mobile company

India started attracting companies to manufacture in India as a part of ‘Make in India’ Initiative. Chinese mobile company Huawei finally received a green signal from the Indian Government. Huawei’s Indian manufacturing unit will be operated by Flextronics International Limited. The company also has plans to compete with Indian mobile brands by strengthening it’s after sales services. It plans to open over 200 service centers across the country. Within a year, the company will also expand its retail network in India with more than 50,000 partner outlets.

OnePlus (Not an Indian Mobile Company)

Indian mobile company

To be a part of the Make in India initiative OnePlus teamed up with Indian manufacturer Foxconn to manufacture its handsets. This year it launched its much-anticipated smartphone OnePlus 5 which has been manufactured by Oppo mobiles Pvt. Ltd. at its Noida factory. For those who don’t know, Oppo, Vivo and OnePlus all belong to one parent company BBK electronics. It is not a surprise that the Oppo 11 and OnePlus five have the same cameras. OnePlus 5 is one of the best mobiles in India and the company is making sure there is no compromise in the product quality.

Coolpad (Not an Indian Mobile Company)

Indian mobile company

Chinese smartphone maker Coolpad assembles 95% of its sold smartphones in local. Coolpad has competitors like Huawei, Xiaomi, and Oppo in India. To survive its competition, the company is working towards expanding its offline presence to expand sales in the country. It started manufacturing with the help of Videocon. Currently, 95% of its products are Make in India mobiles. They have a capacity of up to 300,000 units a month. The company assembles the smartphones at its Aurangabad facility. Unlike its rivals Xiaomi and a Motorola, the company has not set up retail stores yet and continues to sell online on

Gionee (Not an Indian Mobile Company)


Gionee has initially invested Rs.500 crore for the plant. The 50-acre unit will provide employment to over 28,000 people in the next three years. Gionee plans to produce about 6 Lakh Make in India phones per month. It also plans to use it as an export house in the future. Not only the manufacturing unit but Gionee plans to build an entire township for its employees in Haryana. Gionee undoubtedly competes with Indian mobile companies with its turnover of Rs. 3,250 crores which it plans to triple.

Zopo (Not an Indian Mobile Company)

Indian mobile company

Chinese phone maker Zopo has identified a place in Noida to set up its manufacturing plant with an investment of Rs.100 crore. The company aims to produce about 2 Lakh Make in India smartphones a month. The company aims to cater to markets in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and Nepal as well while selling about 1 Lakh units a month in India. After Speed 7 the company launched Speed 8 this year. It comes with a 10 core processor chipset, highest number of cores than any smartphones launched in India. The phone delivers speed up to 2.5 GHz. it flaunts a 5.5-inch screen, 4GB RAM, and a 3600 mAh battery. It carries a 21MP rear and an 8MP front camera. It is one the best mobiles in India when it comes to speed. Zopo also plans to invest up to Rs. 50 crores per annum for branding.

ZTE (Not an Indian Mobile Company)

Indian mobile company

Beating all security concerns about the usage of Chinese equipment, China’s ZTE has declared its plans to set up a manufacturing plant in India. The unit is still at the planning stage but it is most likely to be set up in Chennai as it is well connected. The decision will depend on the Government of India and the demand. The manufacturing unit will be primarily for Make in India mobiles, which might be used for exporting later. Not to forget, Indian Government had banned Huawei and ZTE for security reasons. They were later allowed to sell telecom equipment to Indian companies.

List of Indian mobile companies manufacturing in India:

  • Lava (Noida, Uttar Pradesh)
  • Micromax (Hyderabad, Telangana)
  • Xolo (Noida, Uttar Pradesh)
  • Intex (Hyderabad, Telangana)
  • Smartron (Hyderabad, Telangana)
  • Lava (Indian Mobile Company)

Lava, which is one of the best Indian mobile companies has stepped up and made an investment of Rs.200 crore to make its own phone design center in India. This center will also train designers within two to three years. Lava plans to build a design ecosystem in India by hiring professionals, who will be trained in China. It plans to optimize its user experience as well as performance. They are also manufacturing products in Thailand, Bangladesh, Mexico, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. Their aim is to manufacture 25 Lakh units per month, which are 15 Lakhs right now. With 5 years, the goal is 2 million ‘Make in India’ phones per year.

Micromax (Indian Mobile Company)

Micromax is an Indian mobile company which claims to be the 10th largest handset manufacturer in the world. The company has plans to start Complete Knock Down (CKD) components manufacturing soon. Micromax already has two plants that produce 3 million handsets a month jointly.

Xolo (Indian Mobile Company)

There are no doubts about the fact that Xolo has set its foot in the mid-range handset market. Their commitment to creating well-designed phones can be seen clearly. Since its arrival in 2012, Xolo has been experimental. They partnered with leaders like Intel, Qualcomm, MediaTek, and Microsoft. Xolo currently manufactures its devices at Lava’s manufacturing unit in Noida. Xolo Black, which is one of the best mobiles by the company is also manufactured there.

Intex (Indian Mobile Company)

One of the top mobile brands in India, Intex has started a new manufacturing unit in Noida, India in 2017. This unit will also supply washing machines and TVs. Indian mobile company Intex already has 5 units- three in Noida and one each in Jammu & Kashmir. Intex has 9.2% of the market share and has gained the third position after Micromax and Samsung. It presently manufactures 2 million phones per month.

Smartron (Indian Mobile Company)

Indian mobile company Smartron was set up in 2014 and has the support of the master Sachin Tendulkar. The company has invested about 600 crores till now. All the company’s products are designed and developed in India, and partially manufactured by its partners in India. For now, about 700 people are employed in the Indian brand.