Beards and mustaches may look macho and alpha on men but even a hint of such growth can be quite embarrassing and unbecoming for a lady. Browse any fashion magazine to find that the most sought after fashion tip on how to get rid of facial hair. Predominantly females get facial hair due to genetics and hormonal imbalance.

Ways To Remove Unwanted Facial Hair

Thanks to advent of technology and research, plenty of methods are available today to remove unwanted facial hair. Some of the most popular ones are:-



This implies pulling out hair with a pair of tweezers. Often a time consuming and painful method, it is the cheapest and effective way to get rid of facial hair that can be almost counted on the fingers. However, this method is generally not recommended but can be resorted to in times of emergency.



It is the improved version of tweezing and needs to be performed by an experienced professional. In this painful process, the hair is not removed from the roots and thus grows back every few days. Rashes, redness as an aftermath is also common.


Epilators are relatively inexpensive devices which effectively pulls out multiple hairs at one go. The method gives about 88% of facial hair removal, leaving behind small hairs. Painful for first few times, the method is reasonable fast and efficient but allows faster hair regrowth since the hair is not pulled out from the root.


Shaving the hair off using a razor is not only cheap and easy but also requires no special skills. However, this method to get rid of facial hair is highly prone to injuries, in-growth of hair; infections etc. The razor can also cause skin irritations. Re-grown hair are also coarser and sometimes more voluminous.


Waxing is the most effective and easy solution to how to get rid of facial hair. Through this method hair are removed from the roots and one gets independent of any hair issue for about 3-4 weeks. Compared to other methods of hair removal from the roots, this is the cheapest, easiest and the safest method. It can be done effectively either at home or at a beauty salon. The traditional method of waxing is painful and can often accompany redness, rashes, itchiness or even infection. But the latest flavored wax combined with various skin nourishing ingredients, minimize the pain to be almost negligible. They also nourish and hydrate the skin. Ready to use kits are also available which makes the entire procedure, a cakewalk. Almost all tips to remove facial hair recommend it as the best procedure of all methods discussed so far.

Laser Hair Removal

In this process, the light pulses are concentrated on the roots of the hair and destroyed which results in hair-fall over a period of time. It is a highly effective method of hair reduction which is done by a specialized expert after proper diagnosis. The method is expensive and is not fit-for-all. However, in spite of requiring several sessions, it significantly reduces the growth and appearance of hair. Re-grown hair is also softer to touch.


It is the sole FDA approved method of how to get rid of facial hair permanently. As expensive as the laser treatment, it destroys the cells causing hair growth. Thermolysis and The Blend are two most popular types of electrolysis method employed for hair removal. However, they should be taken only after proper diagnosis by a trained specialist under proper guidance. Else, it can cause scarring and other medical complications.

Home Remedies

If one has the time and patience, the kitchen shelf is a goldmine of ingredients which are highly effective in facial hair removal. They must be used regularly in a disciplined manner before results are evident. Packs of turmeric and gram flour are quite popular for hair removal apart from their various other benefits. Applying a lukewarm especially prepared sugar mask or egg mask and pulling it off in the opposite direction to pull away facial hair will get pulled out as well. A gelatin peel off mask is also quite popular. These can easily be prepared at home and provide equivalents though slower results than chemical ingredients. Additionally, they lack the side-effects of the chemical components.

Depending on the density of hair growth, lifestyle requirements, budget and even the medical conditions, the method most suitable can be opted for. A mix and match method can also be employed, depending on the circumstances.

Do let us know about your favorite method to get rid of unwanted facial hair and your experiences with it.