Foodie or not, a scrumptious platter is a matter of interest to many. And if you happen to be from India, then you can say yes to the best of the platters within your budget, even if the budget is as less as Rs.100. Don’t believe us? Check out the 6 amazing eateries where you can wrap up your dinner within Rs. 100

Yummiest eateries where you can have dinner within Rs. 100

1. Gol Bari, Kolkata

If it’s Kolkata then it has to be Gol Bari. The spicy chicken which is called the “Kosha Mangsho” in Bengali along with luchi is something that you shouldn’t miss out in here. If you happen to be a red meat lover then you can indulge yourself with the slow-cooked delicious mutton is tasty spices along with the fluffy luchis. This can be a quintessential Bengali dinner within your budget.

Kosha Mangsho
Gol Bari
New Punjabi Hotel, 211, A.P.C Road, Shyam Bazar

2. Sat Pal Ji Da Dhaba, Delhi

Delhi is all about the interesting Dhabas that you can come across. So at the Sat Pal Ji Da Dhaba for Rs.100 you can say yes to a yummy platter of aloo jeera, Shahi Paneer along with deliciously made laccha parathas. There is Seer Park close by where you can take walk post your early dinner.

Aloo Jeera
Sat Pal Ji Da Dhaba
Opposite Y-14, Green Park

3. Andhra Mess, Bangalore

If you are in Bangalore and want to enjoy the best of rice meals within Rs.100, the Andhra Mess is here to welcome you with its homely ambience and delicious and unlimited rice platters. The price here varied from Rs.50 to Rs.60 in various places all across the city. You will also have the best non-veg dishes to go along with it as well within Rs.100.

Andhra Mess
Andhra Mess
254, 2nd Main, Domlur Layout, Bangalore

4. Karthik Tiffin Center, Chennai

When in Chennai it is rather impossible to go without tasting the popular South Indian “Kadai” meals. And the best part is if you are in Karthik Tiffin Center you simply can get your platter within as less as Rs.25 to Rs.60. So you can have your below Rs.100 dinner in this place anytime you want to.

South Indian Kadai Meals
Karthik Tiffin Center
C 44, 2nd Avenue, 12th Main Road, Anna Nagar West and 16, 21st Main Road
Anna Nagar West

5. Alpha Hotel, Hyderabad

If you are in Hyderabad then you need to taste the lip smacking and mouth watering Hyderabadi biriyanis. And the truth is you can get it within your budget as well. Walk in to the Alpha Hotel and order for a Hyderabi Dum Biriyani and taste the ethic Hyderabadi flavour and pamper your inner foodie for dinner someday.

Hyderabadi Biriyanis
Alpha Hotel
Opposite Railway Station, Railway Station Road

6. Cannon Pav Bhaji, Mumbai

The authentic Mumbai food experience isn’t complete if you aren’t walking in to the Cannon Pav Bhaji and ordering the popular pav bhaji platter with dollops of molten Amul Butter. Don’t miss out on the Cheese Pav Bhaji. The Bhaji’s are mild spicy and can be customized as per your preference. The pav’s are soft and soaked in butter.

Pav Bhaji
Cannon Pav Bhaji
Near CST Station

So next time you are in any of these places, make sure to opt in for a within Rs.100 dinner and add to your travel memory.