A festival which remains in our heart as it reminds you a lot of memories. Kids have more attachment with this festival, as it is celebrated for nine days and can witness festivity. On the tenth day of the festival, there will be visargan of Ganesh idol. Even the visargan is performed in a grand way where everyone will gather. The huge Ganesh pandals which have got ready in its own grandeur shows you how the festival needs to be celebrated. This festival is celebrated with devotion in various states of India like Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Mumbai, Karnataka and so on. What about the festival shopping? this is the time to grab trendy ethnic wear to bring the festive mood. And no festival is celebrated without yummy treats which satisfies a foodies tummy. There are quite a few dishes which are considered traditional and a must. So, here are few dishes to try out on this Ganesh Chaturthi.


One could say that this recipe is a must for this festival as it has its own importance. Modak is the favorite food delight for lord Ganesha and a perfect reason to offer this dish as prasad. This quick recipe is made from rice flour in two variations, a sweet one or a hot one.

ganesh chaturthi

Dry Fruits Modak

Try Dry fruits modak to get all the health as these dumplings give loads of calcium and proteins. This no cooking recipe is easy to prepare and gets ready in a jiffy. You can even prepare ladoo out of the same mixture/ingredients.

ganesh chaturthi

Paneer Gulab Jamun

Expect guests on this festival evening, as wishing each other is believed to bring good luck. These soft and gooey balls made out of paneer gives a different taste.

ganesh chaturthi

Sabudana Thalipeeth

After having a dose of sweet treats, it is always better to have something light on the tummy. Go for Sabudana Thalipeeth that is made out of tapioca pearls and high on taste.

ganesh chaturthi

Matki Amti

The curry is prepared especially with sprouted moth beans is a traditional recipe. This Maharashtrian recipe is a must for the festival and can be taken with rice or roti.

ganesh chaturthi

Some more dishes to try!!

Apart from the above dishes, there are quite a lot of recipes to try like chickpea sundal, mande, karanji, kobbari kudumulu, sing paak, puran poli and so on.

These are our take on the Ganesh Chaturthi recipes. Hope you all like it and do try them. Do share with us if you get to know any other detox drinks. We would love to know them!