With Valentine’s Day being around the corner, many have put on their thinking cap on! Gifting your beloved is the most precious and loving gesture and yet it can turn out to be the most puzzling affair. Simply because you don’t want your Valentine to feel that the gift has been arranged in a hurry and it echoes a sense of urgency than a feeling of love.

Valentines Day 2021

So whilst a little bit of unease is always good for you to churn out the best Valentines day gifts, an excess of it isn’t advisable. So first things first – simply relax! And as you plan out your special Valentine gift for your special someone.

Here are few do’s and don’ts to keep handy

The Don’ts
Let’s do away with the “don’ts” first and make space for all the love and creative thinking to put into gifting!

  • Avoid being cliché’ – That’s the last thing you would want to do! Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean you have to get the customary teddy bear, the puffed up red heart toy and a red rose bouquet with “I love you” written on it. Whilst each of these items can act as an add-on to what you want to gift your Valentine, but it’s smart to restrain from this cliché idea and get something original in place!
  • Don’t buy cheap chocolates – Chocolates actually seal any gift with a lot of love and affection! And that’s why you should get cheap at this. It’s always better to gift a medium or small pack of the best chocolate brands that buying a huge pack of cheap chocolates.
  • Gift wrappings and price tags – It’s always best to choose gift wrappers that are simple and classy, than the ones that are extremely jazzy and garish. Also when it comes to packing your gifts, make sure that the price tags are removed or are scratched.


Valentines Day Gifts

The Do’s
These are a couple of smart tips that will help you add an original and romantic spark to your gift and make sure that your Valentine loves it for it being simple, real and filled with love.

  • Write your own Valentine message – Not everyone is a poet or has the gift of gab and it doesn’t matter as long as your Valentine message is something that you want to express. And doing it your way is the best trick. Of course, you can take reference from love quotes on the internet, but you would write yourself will always carry a special feeling, that is irreplaceable.
  • Know your beloved’s choice – The best Valentine gift is something that is to the choice of your beloved than yours. That’s the secret trick to make him/her happy. So if it’s a watch that he’s wanted to sport, gift him that than the shirt you feel would look great on him. And just in case you have the budget, gift both!
  • Customize the bouquet – Gone are the days of a uniform red rose bouquet! You have the liberty to experiment today. So plunge in and customize the bouquet the way you think she would love it best, since flowers are a feminine thing after all.

Valentines Day Gifts

Keep this few do’s and don’ts in mind and you’re all good to go to get the best Valentine gift!