Physical agility is the essence of life! Most often it isn’t about the exercises you do, but rather the foods you eat. And when it comes to low calorie food or diet food so to say, most people don’t get the mix right in an urge to follow the stereotypical diet charts. So here are 6 foods that you might be missing out on and you need to add them back to your list of diet edibles.

Here’s the list of food that you should not MISS


A popular summertime fruit, watermelon is naturally sweet which makes most people believe that the fruit is rich in sugar content and avoid it. Instead, according to health experts, such as Elizabeth Ward, watermelon needs to be one of the must-eat food for people that are willing to get into fitness. The fruit has fewer calories and is replete in lycopene, potassium and Vitamins A and C.

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Tasteless and bland as it might taste or appear to me, Oats should be counted as a staple breakfast food for fitness lovers and would be fitness enthusiasts. Oats mixed with milk and fruits like apple and almonds are a healthy bowl to fill up your stomach in the morning and expert dietitians affirm that oats is functional in reducing bad cholesterol and fats from the body, that might pose a threat to physical agility. Now, increase your protein supplement without giving into the risks of heart attack and diabetes, with Healthkart whey proteins.

Healthy Diet Food Tips

3.Beans and Lentils

Add it up as a follow up to breakfast or keep a healthy portion of the same in your breakfast, but keeping beans and lentils in your breakfast is a sure shot guide to fitness and high quality living, physically and mentally speaking. Lentils and beans are considered to be nutrition heroes that are rich in complex carbs, zinc, fiber, protein, potassium, iron as well as magnesium.

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4.Canned Tomatoes

As opposed to eating veggies raw, which too is beneficial for the health, when it comes to tomatoes, canned tomatoes has many health benefits as well. Instead, of eating it as it, when tomatoes are cooked it is helpful in releasing some of the illness- combating lycopene that gets absorbed better and faster.

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5.Sweet Potatoes

Sometimes averted with the notion of being “sweet” and adding to sugar, Sweet Potatoes in reality are nutrition super stars and is considered to be one of the best vegetables that you can consume and add to your “being healthy” quotient. Sweet Potatoes are said to be the best source for fiber, Vitamin C, potassium, beta carotene that helps in combating the extra calories and helps in attaining a healthy body that is fit and can thrive in pressure situations as well.

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6.The Healthy Green

It’s not an aberration when almost every health experts swear on the curative and healthy qualities of healthy, leafy greens. Whether you have them as salads, side toppings, smoothies or sautéed green vegetables will contribute to a healthy body and low calorie diet. So the names to count here is broccoli, zucchini, celery, asparagus and other similar energy efficient green vegetables.

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Some more additional diet food to munch on

Salmon and Tuna

The oily fishes like salmon and tuna are incredibly healthy. These two makes you feel satisfied and keeps the tummy feel full for long hours. These are loaded with proteins, healthy fats, and important nutrients. The Omega-3 fatty acids which are present in these food keeps a check on obesity and considered as one of the best weight loss foods.

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Boiled Potatoes

There is a myth that potatoes make you become fat. Let’s break the stereotype as this vegetable helps you to reduce weight and can be considered as a perfect diet food for weight loss. It has required an amount of nutrients that are necessary for the human body. When you boil potatoes, they will form huge amounts of resistant starch that has loads of health benefits. Add this to your diet to know the difference.

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Cottage Cheese

This diet food is loaded with proteins. Low on calories and high on taste. Once you intake this food, it keeps you full and also aid in the fat burning process. This also takes its place in dairy products which are high in calcium.

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So want to get high on fitness? These are the 6 basic diet food that you can count on and get started.