Today marks the release of a state of the art price comparison portal

HappySale brings you a price comparison engine that makes your online shopping experience effortless. A skilled team has crafted multiple algorithms for a search engine that will yield results based on available merchants, provide suggestions, and also show results with similar product value you are looking for. The motto is to give you the best online shopping experience at your convenience. Introducing BestPriceOn, a price comparison portal that has Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Machine Learning (ML) into its root to bring you an online shopping experience like no other.

BestPriceOn provides you with:

  • State of the art intuitive user interface.
  • Clutter-free design language to make it appealing.
  • Top of the class Natural Language Processing (NLP) enabled search engine.
  • Compare up to four products in detail at a glance.
  • Expert Reviews to clear your dilemma on decisions.
  • Lightning fast mobile version for on-the-go shopping.

Why is there a need for a new player in this industry?

The e-commerce growth in India is at large, and it will only evolve with time. The online market is flooded with exclusives and deals available with a variety of e-commerce stores. This makes it quite confusing for consumers who are looking to purchase products online. There are many price comparison sites available in the market and they have failed to impress users in terms of intuitiveness or address natural language search queries.

That is where BestPriceOn comes into play, it is the place where you can search for electronics products contextually, compare products in details, get experts insights about products, and find the best prices at the pool of merchants. Shopping was never this fun and simple.

Let us explain that to you:

All the price comparison websites in India today have a very outdated code that follows an exact string match. Meaning, a user (you) will only get results when exact search jargons are used. This becomes a problem when the user is aware of the kind of product he wishes to buy, but isn’t sure of what it is called.

For instance, if the user wishes to buy “16gb internal memory mobiles with 5mp selfie camera”. There are hundreds of products that fall into this list and being unaware of what he needs, there is a good chance that his online shopping experience might turn chaotic. To address this, BestPriceOn has integrated all the 3 technologies of the future that will take the user’s online shopping experience to another level.

How does our NLP search works?

The search engine relies on natural language input from users. Thus, making the experience more interactive and natural as it can be. Apart from the standard queries, you can also search in the way like “Laptops with 8GB RAM” and “mobile price between 10000 and 20000”. And if you Intelligent enough and know what you are looking for specifically, then you can input queries such as “pen drives with USB 3.0 interface”. We have used artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to learn the behavior of users. Taking in consideration at least 5000 different ways to search, we have taught our algorithm to yield relevant results.

Now tell us would you prefer to search, compare and buy products on a sophisticated website that can respond contextually with relevant results, and provide comparative and expert analysis report at your convenience or not. The consumer is wise and choosing BestPriceOn for all your shopping needs is a wise decision.