Wedding fashion trends in India is gradually changing these days. The weddings has come a long way with a lot of changes with respect to attire, jewelry, makeup, and lot many. Earlier every bride used to wear traditional saree or lehenga with tons of gold or polke jewelry. But now, the trend is to be cool, comfortable and in fashion. The brides are more fascinated towards the designer wear, fashionable and chunky jewelry with nude makeup and with light makeup. Brides are looking forward for attire that makes them look hatke and brings the #swag in you. So, let’s check out some adorable brides who broke the stereotypes. One-stop Destination for your Favourite Brands & Categories collection of women’s clothing & fashion!

Antique Look

Red is considered to be a perfect color for a bahu. Most of the people would prefer to go with gold or with kundans. But this bridal look gives an antique look and the makeup is made just to the perfection. Her smokey eyes are to die for.


Floral Bride

Floral lehengas are in trend now. It brings all the positive vibes to the wedding and it is perfect for the summer wedding. Get dressed up in this refreshing pattern for your wedding.


Quirky Bride

Red lehenga, gold jewelry is all old fashion now for few brides. This generation bride loves to experiment a lot with colors and patterns.


Keep It Simple

The myth of being dressed up and dozed with a lot of makeup is a big no-no now. It is always best to keep the attire, jewelry, and makeup to simplest.


Candied With Colors

Neons and the hatke colors are in much trend. Want to look different? then you have to try this one.


Playful Bride

It’s ultimately her wedding and she is the one who is supposed to be happy. Look at the glow on her face and her killer looks.


South Indian Bride With A Twist

This bride who draped a nine-yard beauty has given all new marriage goals to all the south Indian brides. She has got all the cool swag.


Rockstar Bride

Be it a sangeet or mehandi or wedding, this bride is all set to rock the party.


So, here is our take on beautiful brides who changed the way of being traditional. So, which look you want to choose? Drop us a comment below.