The time has come again to celebrate the most loved festival of India- Diwali. This festival signifies the winning of good over bad. The lights that were lit brings hope to everyone. On this festival day, there will be huge gatherings with family and friends. There used to be loads of greeting cards and wishes that used to flood. But now, the culture of gifting has changed and people are looking for unique gifts. As there are various traditional options to choose as gifts, but people are thinking out of the box in choosing gifts. Most commonly chosen Diwali gifts options are gift hampers, sweet boxes, home decor, candles and lot more. Let’s dig more in detail and explore the gift options. You need not step out of your home as these unique Diwali gifts are available in online stores.

Unique Diwali Gifts Ideas

Diwali is a festival to express your love and affection towards others. And the tradition of gifting has gone through the evolution over the years. Find out the various options below.


unique Diwali gifts

Candles are a perfect gift for the festival of lights. You can gift the traditional candles or the modern scented ones. These days, there are even reusable candles which helps you to recycle the melted wax and form a new candle.

Box Of Sweets

box of sweets

Sweets are the common and also the most loved gifts. But carrying a normal sweet box doesn’t look good. Give a twist to the packaging to make it look attractive. You can even go for wooden boxes which can be used later. This can be one of the unique Diwali gifts to choose.

Gift Cards

unique diwali gifts

When you are in doubt about what to gift, then just go for gift cards. They are affordable and reduces brainstorming about what to buy. All the online stores have introduced the gift cards for various occasions so, go for it.

Gift Hampers

unique diwali gifts

Most of the people love assorted gifts packed together and gift hampers are best for those people. You can go for cosmetics, tea and coffee samples, jewelry and so on.

Home Decor

unique diwali gifts

Home decors are the most preferred and unique Diwali gifts as they come in budget. Go for wall decor or artificial flowers or cutesy artifacts and so on.


unique diwali gifts

Don’t run to the mall every time to buy any gift as you can pick the best and inexpensive gifts from a roadside. These come with a pocket-friendly price tag and available in various patterns. They give the classy touch to the home decor and brings the festive look.

Few more to consider

Apart from the above-listed, there are other unique Diwali gift options too like diyas, silverware, lanterns, fruit baskets, painting and lot more. Do share with us if you find any other gift options. We would love to know them!