What to do with those little corners in your home? This is a common problem which every homemaker will be facing. We usually ignore those awkward corners but when it comes to our home every inch counts. Bringing up small changes makes the naked corners looks amazing and refreshing. Often these 90-degree spaces will be near windows or beside any piece of furniture or near to the door. Upgrading these places might be tricky but it doesn’t take so much of your time and effort. All you need to do is being little creative and shop around for few things. You may need the help of some carpenters or painters to help you out with. So, here are few ideas to use little corners effectively.

Decorate Little Corners In Every Room

Every room has those small little spaces which are left unfocused. Take it a living room or a bedroom or a kids bedroom or a kitchen. Keep all those little corners in mind and work accordingly to make a beautiful home. Mix and match few colors with different textures and artifacts.

Give a Personal Touch

little corners

The idea of a perfect and cozy evening is reading your favorite book with a hot cup of tea. If there is a corner space in your living room, then pull a chair and keep some books beside it. This creates your own reading area.

Place a Corner Sofa

little corners

Place L-shaped sofa towards the wall corners. This kind of sofas makes the living rooms looks bigger. Check for some funky and quirky colored sofa for an attractive look.

Get Some Greenery

little corners

Adding plants to little corners makes it more lively. If you want to ditch drama of furniture, then plants are the best choice. Pick either a large plant or a smaller one or create an indoor garden.

Convert Into Workstation

little corners

This is the best way to make use of little corners. Organize and use it as a common workstation to get your work done. Keep additional power sockets to charge your phone or tablets.

Display Your Thoughts

little corners

Display pictures of yours and family members or any photo frames which speak about you and your passion. Even vintage posters and artworks look great in those little corners.

Mini Library

little corners

If you are a book worm and want to spend your day by reading your favorite book, then convert those corners into small libraries. It doesn’t take much of the room space.

Display Wall Units or Storage Units

little corners

People can’t compromise on storage and it will be always insufficient. In such cases, the smarter way for storage is utilizing the little corners. Place a storage cabinet or display units with some cute artifacts.

Antique Look

little corners

If you can’t use corners then display them by painting them with contrast colors or you can make those corners stand apart by giving them antique or vintage look.

Under The Stairs

little corners

Main problematic and troublesome area is under the stairs. As this space actually consumes a lot of areas with which you can play around. Put some photo frames or create a seating arrangement or make a cozy table for two.

Bar Counter

little corners

The best way to use a corner space is having vertical bar counter which uses less space and serves the purpose.

Some More Ideas

Apart from the ideas stated above, there are so many ways to bring the bling to your home with small addons. Consider hanging an antique clock or re-purpose a ladder or keep a mirror or anything which strikes your creativity.

Are you inspired by our ideas to make use of little corners? Then, let us know in the comments section.